12 Days…

19 04 2012

…till all my essays are done, and I begin revision for my final set of exams.

… by 11am on the 29th of May, I will be all done with University.

Scary stuff.

In other news: Lostprophets concert tomorrow! My sister is psyched, and I’m glad, because they’re one of her favourite bands. Hopefully, I will come home with my hearing in tact. Maybe not.


4 Ways in Which a Coconut Can Save Your Life

24 02 2009

1. It can feed you when you’re starving.

2. It can give you milk when you are dying of thirst.

3. It can act as a substitute for plasma in the blood if you are bleeding to death.

4. In can be made into a new toupee if your old one happens to fly away on the wind.