Real Men Don’t Rape vs Kenneth Robert Klassen

29 05 2010

Kenneth Robert Klassen, divorced father of 3, of Burnaby is a charged international pedophile, who videotaped himself raping girls between the ages of 9 and 18 years young.

On Aug. 27, 2004, Canada Border Service Agency officers at YVR identified a suspicious parcel full of undeclared DVDs containing images of child pornography and bestiality.

The police seized in Klassen’s home and a rented Vancouver storage locker 21 DVDs containing video clips of Klassen having sex with 92 girls in three countries. Police allege the DVDs contained images of Klassen raping girls ranging in age from 9 to 18 years old. Read more here: Vancouver Sun Article

UPDATES: Friday May 21st:

Klassen pleaded GUILTY to 14 out of 30 plus charges. He thenn allegedly traveled to Mayne Island with his brother. He is deemed high risk to flee. We wonder if his bail supervisor was informed. Klassen owns property in New Mexico, Colombia (2 houses) and one undisclosed property in the Philippines.

Thursday, May 27th:
Klassen’s bail has been granted. It was essentially granted before the hearing this morning. He wasn’t present. They are having another hearing this upcoming Tuesday to discuss the “technology” – ie the ways they will be monitoring Klassen. They will actually have a hearing to argue about how he should be monitored. Amazing. Despite the efforts of David Bercovici – the people in Klassen’s community have no idea their is a serial rapist and sex offender living in their neighborhoud.

Tuesday, June 1st, 9am:
The part two of the bail hearing – where they discuss how Klassen will be monitored.

Read more about this case and show your support here: Facebook Group & Hearing Details

The rights of all children and women in the world would are being violated. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a universal agreement of non-negotiable standards and obligations. Ie Human rights for children. If Klassen is not punished, then those rights will have been grossly violated.

It is our duty as mothers and fathers, siblings, teachers, caregivers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, as neighbours, as human beings to ensure that justice is served accordingly.

It is our duty as mothers and fathers, siblings, teachers, caregivers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, as neighbours, as human beings to ensure that justice is served accordingly.

If he is freed, then this man is roaming free in our community – and around the world as a “sex tourist” – where our children, sisters, and mothers live. And whether he is freed or if he is given a reduced sentence, it sends a message to women and children everywhere that we do not matter.

Please sign this petition and, if you are in Vancouver, come to these important hearings.

Please pass this information on.

If the judge sees that Canadians and citizens around the world care for their children and their right to grow safely, he might apply the full weight of the law to this criminal.

As Martin Luther King Jr said: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Real Men Don’t Rape

Join the Movement




15 05 2010

Okay, got another one; “model rape in photo shooting”.

Did you honestly come onto my blog searching for that? I think people are missing the point here, or getting the complete wrong end of the stick.

I swear, sometimes I wonder whether it would be better if I couldn’t see what people searched on my blog. I used to find them amusing, but anything to do with rape and I just… it’s something I’m vehemently against. That, and child abuse, are the most unnacceptable acts I can think of that people on this Earth commit.

That is all.


11 05 2010

So, last weekend, I went to Echo-1, the first ever Dollhouse convention. I had the most amazing time, and I think it has to be the best convention I’ve ever been to.

It was the first convention I’d been to alone, but I made friends quickly. I kept getting told that I was brave for coming alone, but as long as you’re not averse to talking to people, you’re fine.

Friday was the meet and greet session, and I sat with a friendly group of people (who I stuck with for the whole weekend), and we chatted and what not while waiting for the guests to come over.

Tahmoh was first, and seeing as three people on our table were newbies (and therefore silent), and two were just drooling over Tahmoh (not me :P), we didn’t really strike up that much of a conversation. He asked if we were excited about Enver being there, as he was signed up as a surprise guest, and we all said yes, and I said, “but we knew beforehand because Miracle tweeted it,” and he was like, “ohhh, you knew! She knew,” pointing to the camera. Nice to know that went on film.

Then we had Enver. He wouldn’t shut up, which is a good thing, and he’s so damn funny. Seriously. I was nearly crying with laughter in his talk on Saturday with Dichen, love him to bits.

Then we had Fran. One of my table tried to get him to sing, because he made the mistake of saying he could, and his hands went into his hair, his head down, he was so scared. In the end, he apologised and said he couldn’t, and I don’t blame his really! It was his first convention, like Enver, and I would have freaked out too in that situation.

Miracle is glorious, and SO lovely. She’s upbeat all of the time, which is amazing, and she is so beautiful. Dichen was friendly as well, gorgeous, and a great person. I love her accent.

The talks on Saturday were good. Miracle was great, she was born to do conventions. Her fiancée and herself can both play the ukulele, and have their own band, so they played some live music for us, which was amazing, seriously. (Their band is called ‘Uke Box Heroes’, and apparently they’re on myspace and itunes, so check them out :D) Like I said, Enver was hysterical, and him and Dichen live in the same building, so they’re quite close, and can play off each other. Enver was also doing his Fran impressions, which were awesome! And pretty much all the guests talked about how good Enver was at the impressions, especially his Fran one.

In Tahmoh’s talk, I was sitting there, remembering my mission to talk to him about Caleb’s Hope. I spent 20 minutes psyching myself up for it, thinking, “oh, I can just talk to him at the table later,” but then, it wouldn’t have spread the awareness of the charity to anyone else. So, I bit the bullet and went up to the mic, my heart pounding in my chest the whole way. When I got up there and told him that I was a volunteer, he was enthusiastic about that, and was totally happy to talk about the charity – he did a much better job than I would have done, and thanked me for bringing it up. 300 more fans now know about the charity. Mission accomplished!

I got two photoshoots done, one with Enver, and one with Fran. The Fran one turned out better than the one with Enver, but I do like both. Been getting a lot of compliments over the Fran one, which is truly making me beam. ^.^

The party was good, after the costume competition. They started playing all the usual club music, so we were dancing at the table, messing around. Then, you know the Kiki dance that Enver did (in 2×03)? He actually dances like that, WE GOT HIM TO DANCE. It was so awesome!! We were all up dancing with him, it was brilliant 😀

My Sunday basically consisted of 5 hours of talks, which were all awesome. Dichen got us off to a steady start, then there was a talk with Enver and Fran, which was rather funny. Miracle and Tahmoh had one together, and they have such good chemistry together, they look like really good friends. Then the group one with all of them… oh my God. There are no words to describe how funny that talk was. I cried with laughter, and came out with an aching face I’d laughed and grinned so much. There was a particularly funny story with Tahmoh and these sock things they have to wear for nudity scenes. He said that it kept getting filled up with water… and I’ll leave the rest to your imaginations.

So, in like a sort of conclusion, this has probably been one of the best weekends of my life, and probably the best convention I’ve ever been to. I’m going to miss chatting to all the lovely people I met this weekend and I’m going to miss the actor’s hilarious stories.

I am not, however, going to miss eating Mac Donald’s every night.


I sat through all the talks at the weekend, so if you have any questions that you think the actor’s might have answered, ask away, and I shall answer as best I can 😀

Fandom Collision

29 04 2010


People all over the world roleplay characters from every TV show and movie imaginable, but what if all those people could come together in one place with their characters, and see what would happen?

The walls between the fandom universes are coming down, and chaos is ensuing. Characters from different television shows and movies are passing through into the parallel universes and encountering all sorts of people and situations that are outside their realm, outside what they know and understand.

There is no sense, there is no logic. Characters wander around, making new friends, testing boundaries, having adventures, finding out so much more than they’re meant to.

Will there be consequences? No one knows. But one thing is for sure, everyone is going to make the best of what they have before it all comes to an end.

WTF? Top searches.

22 04 2010

Rape photography? Seriously? Why would ANYONE ever search that.


Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs

4 04 2010

Happy Easter everyone!

Real Men Don’t Rape Campaign Photo Shoot

29 03 2010

If you’re in the Greater Los Angeles area, come out to our shoot for Caleb’s Hope. We need men and women and a whole lot of diversity to make this work!

The “Real Men Don’t Rape” campaign is to help the women of Nyara Project in Northern Uganda, Africa. They are all former child soldiers, sex slaves, and/or victims of rape. All have children and most have HIV/AIDS as a result. Check out more about us at

The photos will be used on our site as well as in a book with all proceeds going to our Nyara Project!!

Violence against women is an ongoing and universal problem. Rape is used all too often in volatile regions as a means to control, ‘shame and demoralize women, tear communities apart and control populations.’* And you don’t have to live in a war zone to experience the horrible trauma associated with rape and violence against women. 1 out of every 3 women will either know of a woman who has been assaulted or will have been assaulted herself.

It needs to stop. And it can only stop by creating a movement that brings the issue out in the open and demands accountability.

Please come out and show your support.

**11-4pm!! It’s first come, first serve and here’s how the day will go down:

1) show up hair/makeup ready. Be yourself & wear whatever you like but pls avoid brand logos, offensive junk (ie no f-words on your shirt), and the like. we’ll be writing on your forearms so make sure you can roll your sleeves up or wear a tee.

2) sign our release form and info sheet – so we can legally use your beautiful mug and then email a copy of your portrait to you

3) get ‘real men don’t rape’ painted on your forearms (totally washable)

4) get your gorgeous fab pic taken. 10 frames each model.

5) wash off your arms – or not 🙂

6) peace out and enjoy the rest of your day.

Everyone is welcome to bring their own cameras/videos to record the event. We ask no flash photography please.

We encourage everyone who has taken pics/videos of the day to let us know and we can post your experience on our site.

Peace and Rockets,
Caleb’s Hope Peeps

*UN reports on violence against women.

If you have a Facebook, you can sign up here: