RMDR Campaign Update: Kenneth Klassen Case

9 06 2010

An update from Holly Dignard on the campaign:

1. Mr. Klassen was granted bail – as was already decided before the bail hearing (sneaky!) BUT
2. He has some strict rules to follow:-

* he has a curfew of 6pm to 6am which restricts any major movement
* he wears an ankle monitor at all times
* he is always being followed by police
* he is issued a tapped phone line (ie no cell phones etc allowed)
* he must report to a bail officer three times a week.

The “public outcry” was mentioned by the Crown Council. Holly is very proud and grateful to everyone who took the time to sign the petition and pass it on. It truly did make a difference.

The sentencing is now scheduled for July 22-23, so we strongly encourage everyone, if you haven’t sign the petition, to do so and passing them on to others to spread the word. We’re keeping the petition open until the final court date. You can find the petition here.

We would also like to gently remind everyone to please keep the petition peaceful. Caleb’s Hope absolutely DO NOT support messages of violence or hate. We realize that this is an emotional subject, but we do not believe in promoting violence – whether they be through actions or words – in order to end violence. This is a vicious cycle that would not work.

Once again, thank you for your support, and please continue to sign/spread the petition.

Caleb’s Hope Team.




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