Real Men Don’t Rape Campaign Photo Shoot

29 03 2010

If you’re in the Greater Los Angeles area, come out to our shoot for Caleb’s Hope. We need men and women and a whole lot of diversity to make this work!

The “Real Men Don’t Rape” campaign is to help the women of Nyara Project in Northern Uganda, Africa. They are all former child soldiers, sex slaves, and/or victims of rape. All have children and most have HIV/AIDS as a result. Check out more about us at

The photos will be used on our site as well as in a book with all proceeds going to our Nyara Project!!

Violence against women is an ongoing and universal problem. Rape is used all too often in volatile regions as a means to control, ‘shame and demoralize women, tear communities apart and control populations.’* And you don’t have to live in a war zone to experience the horrible trauma associated with rape and violence against women. 1 out of every 3 women will either know of a woman who has been assaulted or will have been assaulted herself.

It needs to stop. And it can only stop by creating a movement that brings the issue out in the open and demands accountability.

Please come out and show your support.

**11-4pm!! It’s first come, first serve and here’s how the day will go down:

1) show up hair/makeup ready. Be yourself & wear whatever you like but pls avoid brand logos, offensive junk (ie no f-words on your shirt), and the like. we’ll be writing on your forearms so make sure you can roll your sleeves up or wear a tee.

2) sign our release form and info sheet – so we can legally use your beautiful mug and then email a copy of your portrait to you

3) get ‘real men don’t rape’ painted on your forearms (totally washable)

4) get your gorgeous fab pic taken. 10 frames each model.

5) wash off your arms – or not 🙂

6) peace out and enjoy the rest of your day.

Everyone is welcome to bring their own cameras/videos to record the event. We ask no flash photography please.

We encourage everyone who has taken pics/videos of the day to let us know and we can post your experience on our site.

Peace and Rockets,
Caleb’s Hope Peeps

*UN reports on violence against women.

If you have a Facebook, you can sign up here:




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