My Poptart Heart

23 03 2010

The title doesn’t really have any relevence to what I’m going to talk about, it’s just a Louden Swain reference, for any fans out there.

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Caleb’s Hope. The website is up for a complete revamp, and now that we have a template, it’s all go go go! to get everything done by Friday. The template is looking awesome, a lot fresher than the last template, with a more individual style. It should work really well.

Now that I’ve seen the template for the site, I’ve also begun working on another template for the Newsletter, which never saw the light of day. But, hopefully with a new template, and a lot less clutter, it should go up not long after the website is launched! That’d be brilliant.

Another thing to mention is that Annabelle has started uploading designs to her WordPress blog, and they’re looking fabulous! And I mean that in all sincerity. You can see them here.




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