Alcohol: Playing the Part

10 08 2009

Everything expressed in this post and on this blog is entirely my opinion. I do no claim any of it to be based on fact.

There’s a question which I keep circling back to again and again; why do people feel like they need to drink themselves into a stupor? And I keep coming up with the same answer: escapism.

It seems to me that people go out at night and drink large amounts of alcohol because it makes them different and carefree. They feel like they can have fun this way, they can be someone other than themselves, someone confident, someone with no fear.

Some people may ask, why is this a bad thing? To which I ask, why can’t people be like this, confident, fun, and carefree, without the alchol?

I, personally, don’t have a good time going out to clubs and having people laugh, talk, and dance drunkenly around me. It also doesn’t help that people try to pressure into drinking more, because they aren’t comfortable that I don’t want to drink like them, and I don’t feel the need to get inordinately drunk to have a good time.

Some of it is my own problem (as some people would like to call it, I call it my choice) but then, it isn’t my problem when people start pressuring me. People just don’t seem to see where I’m coming from, or that I’m entirely comfortable with myself the way I am. Sober.

It’s frustrating and puts me off night life altogether, because I don’t feel I need that hassle.

It is such a shame that this leaves people like myself jaded about student life, and student night life. And it is also a pity that people don’t feel like they can be themselves without alcohol.

Edit: One of the automatically generated posts that appeared at the bottom of this one is a woman talking about a similar thing to me. I thought I’d share. (HERE)




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