Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can

16 07 2009

A recipe which I have discovered myself over the past couple of days and find delicious. It literally came from walking around my local ASDA and thinking, “Ooh, that might taste nice!”

– 2 Scotch Pancakes
– 2 Teaspoons of Nutella
– Squirty Cream

1. Place your two scotch pancakes in a bowl.
2. Dollop a teaspoon of Nutella on top of each pancake.
3. Place your bowl in the microwave and heat on full power for thirty seconds.
4. Take the bowl out of the microwave, and spread the Nutella out across the pancake with the back of a spoon.
5. Squirt a suitable amount of squirty cream over the top of each pancake, and enjoy!

*Squirty cream can be substituted by whipped cream, or ice cream.
*Nutella can be substituted by chocolate spread, or peanut butter.




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