Heat Man, Heat!

29 06 2009

I had fully accepted in the early years of my life that England, and the British Isles as a whole, is not a hot place. The temperature rarely gets above 20 degrees Celsius. I like it that way. I hardly sweat and I sleep well.

Unfortunately, the British weather has decided that each year it must defy it’s own laws of nature, steal the high pressure from the European continent, and kill me off with a heat wave. Normally after Wimbledon, because heaven forbid we should it ever be sunny for British tennis tournament. And they wonder why British players don’t do as well. It’s called RAIN.

As of this moment, I would rather be in Iceland, sunning myself up in the blissful cool weather, chasing the snow to the tops of mountains, and ignoring the ever fragrant smell of the sulphur.

Me. Out.




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