21 06 2009

I mention Ben Browder and WHOOSH! you all flock to this blog. I start talking about Caleb’s Hope and doing film reviews and you all run for the hills. It’s nice to see where peoples’ priorities lie!

I’m finally getting round to reading the 20th Anniversary Edition of Empire, about two months late, and there is some very interesting stuff about the move from 2-D to 3-D cinema, James Cameron being a strong pioneer of this. He is using it in his new film Avatar, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are using it in Tin Tin, and Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro looks to be using it when they make The Hobbit. Three films I’m looking forward to seeing.

After a long discussion on Twitter about Terminator Salvation and plot – yes, they belong in the same sentence in this case – a friend of mine and I decided that there are two types of script. There is a script that is dictated by franchise and an idea already well thought out in a person’s head. The idea or story is produced, then the script has to be worked around what the director/producer/film studio wants. These scripts are often written under pressure and big budget.

The other type is when the writer formulates the idea themselves, seeing their own story through to it’s end before then recruiting cast and crew to transform their story from paper onto the big screen. These stories have more time to be lamented, and can be more character driven. I, personally, prefer these sorts of stories.

/random tangent.

A film that I’m looking forward to seeing this summer is Public Enemies (yes, I’m still talking about film, trying to drive you all away). Directed by Michael Mann, it follows the life of criminal and bank robber John Dillinger. who was at large in the early 1930’s. It stars Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Marian Cotillard. The trailer was well constructed and looks like, if the film is as good as the trailer, it might become my summer favourite. I’m discounting Star Trek from any sort of favourite of the [insert title here], as it just… rocks.

I leave you with the Public Enemies trailer. Enjoy.




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