20 06 2009

So it turns out Rebecca Emanuel is an artist. Or at least that’s what the searchers are trying to tell me. When I type her name into Google, my blog is the fourth link down, because of the blog where I stated how confused I was that someone would want to search ‘rebecca emanuel mr skin’ on my blog.

I think this might be a case of mistaken identity. Or maybe you guys think I mentioned her?

If it’s mistaken identity, then my identity is indeed mistaken. I’m called Rebecca, yes, but I am not an artist, I am a student and aspiring screenwriter. I sometimes make graphics for LiveJournal, and collages of pictures for my bedroom. That’s as close to art as I get.

As for mentioning her? Don’t think I did. Unless. Excuse me a moment… this is when it becomes handy to have a link to your own blog on your tool bar. Nope, she isn’t having art work displayed at the ART4GULU event.

What gives? Colour me perplexed.




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