15 06 2009

I can’t even have proper nightmares. Dean Winchester turning into a huge psycho robot thing that is trying to terminate my life should NOT happen. And should not be scary. It should be hilarious.

Also, if they ever have an episode of Sanctuary where someone on Twitter informs Will that a building is about to explode, and he believes them, I will laugh my ass off.

I need to get back on my bike, in all literal senses of the term, despite my hand. My Mum is going to strap it, my hand that is, in a bandage (I’m now having visions of the 4th Mummy film; THE MUMMY RETURNS with his bike. God, my imagination is way too over active) and I’m going to try not to give myself a heart attack pedalling up the hill.

Then I’m going to sit down and read. For more than ten minutes. Shock horror.

EDIT: Wow, this post is boring. My bad.




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