That Scream You Just Heard, That Wasn’t Me

13 06 2009

I love WordPress. When you click on how many views you’ve had on a certain day, it will tell you all sorts of details. The one I keep mentioning is the search function, however I’ve also been keeping track of where people come in from to read my posts, you know, where my posts are linked from, and I might have been a little alarmed to find that several people had been coming over from a Ben Browder forum, to be exact.

Although I take a smidgen of umbrage at being called a “poor young Brit”, ;D, I’m rather amused that someone took the time to copy and paste my conversation with Ben over there.

I’m also very glad that the person realised I was in fact female. Laugh you may, but being mistaken for a guy is not uncommon.

A guy that talks about his crushes on various actors and laughs heartily at Anton Yelchin talking about his first period, rather than being mortified. Yes, that’s me.

So, thank you old and wise person of unknown nationality, thank you very much!




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