Normalcy… It Doesn’t Exist.

12 06 2009

I now see that people come to my journal to search for posts about Milo Ventimiglia (a given really, seeing as I mentioned him yesterday), but a common one I’ve seen a couple of times now is Chris Fine Pine. As my friend Maike would say… *wags brows*

So, conventions… the verdict. After Wolf Haven at the end of this year, I probably won’t be going to any more. That’s not a definite, because there’s a convention next year that one of the Caleb’s Hope ladies is going to, and if she goes, I want to meet her.

I’m not saying conventions are bad, they just don’t satisfy me (uh, that didn’t sound dodgy) like they used to. Saying that, there have been some fun conversations at the last two conventions I’ve been to, which I shall transcribe below.

The first was at Asylum. The guests that I met on the Friday evening, so that was everyone excluding Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, were lovely. Misha Collins was extremely random, but funny. (If you’re on twitter by the way, and you’re not following him, then you should be!)

Misha: “My Mom’s name is Rebecca.”
Me: “Oh really?”
Misha: “Yeah, except she changed her name, to Rebekka with two k’s. When she was 35.”
Me: “Huh. Interesting. I’ve always preferred the spelling Rebekah, you know, with a kah on the end instead of cca.”
Misha: “Well then you should change your name.”
Me: “When I’m…”
Misha: “When you’re 35.”
Me: “Of course, I think I will.”

I love Ben Browder. Full stop.

Ben: *squints at Abi’s name* What’s that say? Ab… A-B…?
Abi: Abi. It says Abi.
Ben: Oh, Abi! Abi… normal?
Abi & Me: *look confused*
Ben: *funny voice* I don’t have a normal brain!
Abi & Me: *looks confused* *nervous laughter*
Ben: Young Frankenstein! You guys have seen it, right?
Abi: Uh, no.
Me: Nope.
Ben: *OMG* *starts writing down the name of the film on the back of the autograph ticket over Abi’s name* You have to see it.
Volunteer: I uh, I’m afraid you can’t have that slip back, I need it. (For records of how many autographs were done and such.)
Ben: *rolls eyes and begins writing it again on another piece of paper*
Volunteer: *upon seeing the state of the autograph ticket now it’s been covered in black marker* Look what you’ve done!
Ben: What? It looks good!
Me: It’s like a piece of art!
Ben: Yeah! You could sell that for money. *continues writing note*
Abi: Fair enough.
Ben: You need to see it. *to older guy in queue* You’ve seen it, right?
Guy: *nods looking a little nervous* yeah.
Ben: Kids today!
Me: You’re putting us to shame!
Ben *signs Abi’s photo “Abi… normal?”
Me & Abi: Thank you! *leaves*

And I did have an amusing encounter with Leonard Nimoy, but I don’t know who is lurking on here reading my blog posts, so I will tell y’all later. *shifty eyes*

Is there anything else I need to tell you guys…? Because I know now that people actually read my crazy random posts without prompting. Hurrah!

This is going to sound nerdy, but what the hey… if anyone is interested in online roleplaying (yes, ROLEPLAYING, it’s cool, ‘kay?) there a couple of sites that could do with more members:

Trinity College – Another X-men rip off, woohoo! But my friend and myself spent over a month working on it, so I’d be grateful if you could take a look.

Sanctuary – A School for Gifted Children – Made by the lovely and ever crazy Maike. Again, needs more members, preferably playing the characters from the original show e.g. Will Zimmerman, Ashley Magnus, and Bigfoot.

Lastly, but not least…ly, I went to the Doctors this morning about my hand. There was something wrong with your hand? you say. Why yes, before I started work, my clumsiness kicked in and I smashed my hand into the banister. The doctor believes it’s tendinitis. So, I’ve been prescribed ibuprofen, and rest, for my hand I mean. Left handed typing for the win.

** Good luck to the guys (and girls) in the Trooping the Colour tomorrow. I hope the weather is a lot better than it was last weekend!

** Pssst. If you want to know what Ben Browder was on about, then watch the video below.




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