Randomiser: On

11 06 2009

Okay, I can totally why someone would want to search for NYARA Beads on my blog.

But… “rebecca emanuel mr skin” … What? What does that even mean?? Did someone search it hoping that I’ll type it into my post, and in a backwards way their search would be legitimate?


My dubious and crazy dreams are back with vengeance this morning, and I’m not entirely complaining. First of all, I was supposed to be watching a clip from the MTV Movie awards when suddenly Chris Pine, Robin Williams and some other unknowns started up a weird song/dance/drama routine. In the next, I was snuggled up under my covers (note: fully clothed) chatting away to Chris Pine about Jazz, then Greg Grunberg joined us and we all started reading from a magazine. Exciting!

Fortunately, the next dream was more exciting! The entirely random adventures of Nathan and Peter Petrelli! With me tagging along. I wrapped my arms around Milo Ventimiglia at one point, so you’ll hear nothing bad out of me about that one. And, I had the power to control the weather. Amazing!

And now, unfortunately, having reminisced about past dreams, I seem to have forgotten my most recent dream. But I assure you spontaneous singing and dancing was probably involved. You know, as you do.

What’s that? You want to hear about my conventions do you? Tune in later. Maybe.

And to round off this post, thus concluding the randomness this morning, I leave with a clip from a film called Charlie Bartlett, starring Chekov Anton Yelchin and Iron Man Robert Downey Jr.

Back later.




2 responses

13 06 2009

Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

13 06 2009

Thanks hun 🙂 Much appreciated!

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