Work & Star Trek, Dark & Light, Ying & Yang… Oh, And Where I’m Living Next Year

25 05 2009

Okay, I probably can’t describe this as Ying & Yang, having just looked up the meaning on Wikipedia (boo if you think all the information on there could be false, it made sense to me) but one is definitely the bad, and the other is the good. Can you guess which is which?

Work is the good. When I walk into the office in the morning, it’s like walking into a magical palace where everyone waits on you hand and foot. It’s so bright there, and everyone is happy, laid back, doing as much work as the please at whatever pace they feel is necessary…

Oh who am I kidding? Work is the bad.

And this is the point at which I realised I’ve never mentioned work before. (Be Kind.) Rewind.

So, about two months ago, my Dad told me that he could ask at work if they had a job for me, because it was beginning to become obvious I wasn’t going to find work anywhere else. There was a lot of talking, discussing, decisions were made, and I agreed to go in to help the Health and Safety Manager with his Integrated Management System, which basically involved me moving folders around on the system and making indexes of the files so they were easily found.

Last Thursday, (I only worked 3 days a week), I had a minor meltdown. The work was as boring as hell. But, by Wednesday morning I had finished all the indexes and the file moving and editing, effectively finishing my job. So, Mr. H&S asked me if I wanted to go round to the different departments and ask them what they thought about the new IMS, seeing as this new system was supposed to be user friendly and all.

I saw no harm in this and went on my merry way. The first guy I talked to, threw a load of technical speak at me which I didn’t understand, but I managed to go away with his comments and sort a couple of things out. However, Thursday morning was when it got interesting. Any of you who know about office politics will acknowledge that it’s not exactly what an 18 year old woman in her first job wants to be thrown into. Unfortunately, I was.

I got stuck between Mr. H&S and Ms. Admin arguing about what should be done with the system. Also, Ms. Admin had effectively gone through the system and told me that I hadn’t really needed to do most of the indexes, as she could find the files herself. Rationally speaking, I probably shouldn’t have got upset. However, all I thought at the time was “oh woe is me, I’ve just wasted all that time, and now to boot they both arguing about it and kind of bad mouthing each other to me. What am I to do?” Yeah.

All this was on top of 4 weeks of boring work, headaches and bad hand ache, which sometimes stopped me from using my right hand at all.

My Dad asked me the fatal question, “are you okay?” and whoosh! Niagara falls started pouring out of my eyes. We went out to the car, and like I said, Niagara falls, so I cried for a good long while. After a drive to the petrol station, and a long talk about what was making me upset, what they’re like, what shouldn’t have happened, what I’ve got to realise about office life, and whether I still want to continue the job now I’ve effectively done what I was asked to do, my Dad went inside and talked to Mr. H&S for me. They agreed that I should take a couple of weeks off, one so I get a break from work, and because I have two conventions on the next two following weekends, and two, so Mr. H&S can get his head straight about all the work he’s got to do. Then my Dad took me home, and I cried some more. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Never mind all the sarcasm, I am truly relieved to be having the next two weeks off. Mainly because I am so behind with all my internet stuff, which is what I love doing, but I can also exercise, which makes me feel good, and relax in between conventions. I can read, and continue with my writing! Hurrah!

So, after all that, you must be like, wow, this has to be some really bright light! And it is. I promise.

I will admit, I was sceptical at first about the new Star Trek movie. I mean, the Star Trek franchise is 40 odd years old now, most of the TV programmes died a death, and I hadn’t heard of most of the original movies. That makes me sound like a bad Trekkie, doesn’t it? But anyway, it was the concept of going back to the beginning and making them younger. I mean, come on, that was something they joked about on Stargate SG-1 as being ridiculous!

And Chris Pine as Kirk? He’s the guy from Just My Luck… that’s a Lindsay Lohan movie. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s very attractive, but, him? Kirk?

The trailer didn’t do anything to help matters the first time I saw it either. Teeny blonde Kirk riding round in a Vintage car then driving it off a cliff. “James Tiberius Kirk!” Oh man. I laughed. I’m sorry JJ, but I laughed.

This didn’t put me off going to see the movie though. And I’m so glad it didn’t. I stepped out of the cinema after the movie and it was the first time all year I’ve felt genuinely satisfied with everything that they had given me. It had action, comedy, romance, amazing SFX, beautiful cinematography, a whole and very intriguing plot, a brilliant cast, and JJ Abrams at the helm. It kicked Australia’s ass, torn down Wolverine, trumped 17 Again, and blew The Tale of Desperaux out of the sky!


The last thing my title mentions – yes, I used my title of a list of things to remember to include in my blog post, keep up – is where I’m living next year.

After an early Monday afternoon fraught with arrangements not being kept, I went down to the Housing office at Lancaster campus and signed the contract for a house next year. Yes, you read that right. I won’t be living on campus with all the other Freshers, I will be living in a terraced house with my friend from last year, and another girl three years my senior. I will be seeing the house on Wednesday.

This is me heaving a big sigh of relief.

One last thing, because I have to do this somewhere.

My sincerest sympathies go out to my friend and her family in their time of loss. No one should have to lose their mother at this stage in their life. I can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through.





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