Going to Keep Spamming Y’all Until You Show Some Love

6 05 2009

Caleb’s Hope

Caleb’s Hope is a charity founded by Actress, Humanitarian, and Activist Holly Dignard, and is named after an amazing 4 year old boy that she met in August 2007 in a rural town in Kenya. His love, intelligence and hope despite the hardship he’d suffered left a lasting impression on Holly, and she decided to set up the charity in his name.

The purpose of Caleb’s Hope is to raise awareness, and to get people from all over the world, from all backgrounds, involved and engaged in the world around them.

They have projects in Kenya and Uganda, but hope to grow throughout East Africa, and eventually worldwide. Their two main projects are the Sarakasi Trust Hospital Program where child health and welfare IS a laughing matter. And the NYA project: NYA Project | Wear the Beads | Save a Life | Join the Movement

Livejournal | Facebook | Twitter | Myspace

Help us to save lives. Spread the Word.





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