A World Gone Mad

4 04 2009

I don’t understand this. I really don’t.

My sister has been having problems with a teacher at school since November last year. My experience of the woman was that she was a poor teacher that didn’t pay any attention to the smarter ones in her class that actually wanted to learn and do well. We basically taught ourselves ICT for two years.

This issue with my sister though is different; it would appear that she is displaying bullying behaviour to my sister, by firstly being condescending and telling her that she won’t get a grade any higher than a B because the teacher says so. And more recently by phoning up my sister at home (which she has been told not to do), arguing with her about stuff and generally making my sister upset. My sister cries once in a blue moon. This teacher made her cry.

The school were notified about it all, and the head teacher’s response was:
– it was all done over the phone so we can’t verify the complaint
– I have investigated it by talking to the teacer and she says she didn’t mean to cause any harm, and I believe her, so I won’t do anything else about it


W. T. F.?

I’m sorry, I know I have invested personal feelings in the matter because this is my little sister we’re talking about, but is this acceptable?

Is it? Tell me now.




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