And thus the bad news worsened.

26 03 2009

Yes, bad news.

My laptop won’t be returning, period.

I finally got the letter in the post this morning saying that Henry was ready to be collected. Hurrah! So put our coats and shoes on and headed straight to the shop which is about 20 minutes/half an hour away. We got there, said why we were there, they gave me Henry and I went away a happy bunny.

I remained that way until I got home and took all the bubble wrap off it; he was dirty, scratched and had his battery pack missing. Me? Not amused. Silent anger is my way, and I think I was scaring my Mum.

My Mum phoned up and complained and they said they’d get back to us.

Meanwhile, my Mum wanted to know whether I could turn the laptop on without a battery pack, so I tried and behold! it turned on. A little relieved, I started to perk up. That was until the laptop booted up and I found that they’d given me the wrong laptop. That’s right. I have someone else’s laptop with all their data sitting in a bag downstairs. Now, it’s a good thing that I’m not criminally minded, or else their data would have been stolen and used, most probably.

So the next question was, where the hell was my laptop.

Two phone calls and a whole load of waiting later, someone finally got back to us and explained that a mix up had occurred (duh) and that the one we had now (the other person’s laptop) was supposed to be being destroyed. “Uhhmmm, does that mean…? Oh. My. God.” In all likelihood, they’ve destroyed my laptop instead.

Pretty damn wonderful isn’t it? I don’t understand how this happened; how someone could screw this up so royally that my laptop does now not exist.

They’re giving me a new one, don’t you worry, and hopefully a good lot of compensation as well for this, because, me? Not happy. AT ALL.

Otherwise, how I feel about all this is… speechless, at the stupidity that lead to the ruining of my 18th birthday gift. Thank you John Lewis/Flexitronics. Thanks a whole freaking lot.




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