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19 03 2009

After figuring that I was bored and needed something to do, I realised that I’d kind of let this blog fall by the wayside over the last month or so. I guess it’s update time!

Luck on the job front seems to be going up. I haven’t had any offers from companies that I’ve applied to, but I’ve managed to find a couple of other things that I can do. First off, my Dad finally got round to asking at his place of work whether there was anything I could do for them, and it turned out that they did; one of the men he works with is trying to organise their computer file system, and that is going to involve a whole load of file hyperlinking so they want to get someone in to do that. Hopefully, that person will be me. Despite the fact that this job will be tedious, and only last a couple of weeks, MONEY! How I have missed thee.

I also applied for volunteer work with a charity based in Vancouver called Caleb’s Hope (click for link to site). They have a couple of projects going that help men, women, and children in Africa, with HIV/AIDS and other issues, mostly to do with victimisation by militants for various things. The founder of the Charity, Holly E. Dignard, got back to me about work the same day (technically night because of the time difference, needless to say I was in bed fast asleep) and let me know that she’d love to have me on board. I will probably be helping out with event planning, but she’s going to take time this week to sort everything out.

At home, everything is fine. Other than I’ve been having problems with my Laptop (named Henry, after the character Henry Foss from Sanctuary) so he’s had to go back to the manufacturer to have his C drive wiped. When they said it could take up to 3 to 4 weeks, I let out an involuntary gasp. Which caused the man to reassure me that it’s policy that they state that amount of time, but it could very well come back quicker. When Henry is on his way back to the shop, we will receive a letter. I feel sorry for the postman, who has to under go my stare each day as I will him to be carrying that letter. I’m currently on my old laptop which is painfully slow. I literally go read a chapter of a book while waiting for it to boot up.

It’s getting closer and closer to my Dad’s wedding (did I say my Dad was getting married? Well, I suppose you know now), and I’m excited. At least I’m excited for something.

Oh, that and Wolf Haven (again, link, clicky) which is a Sanctuary Convention being held in August. They signed up 4 of the main cast members. 4! *squeals like a child in toys-r-us finding out they can anything they want for free* So that would be, if you’re interesting, Robin Dunne, Ryan Robbins, Emilie Ullerup and, the one and only, Christopher Heyerdahl, AthosianWraithBeastTeleporter extraodinaire. You may note that Amanda Tapping is not in that list. No fear! She’ll be at Collectormania in June and I’m going to that too! Ordered the photoshoot tickets the other week. So, by the end of this year, I will have met the entire main cast of Sanctuary. Booyah!

What else is there that I haven’t talked about? Oh, Battlestar Galactica officially finishes this Friday. I have a eulogy already written out which I can post after I’ve bawled my eyes out on Saturday morning. The bawling is not because the show is ending, but hopefully because something heartwrenching and awesomely epic will happen to all the characters in the end, and that they’ll be at peace. Please God may that happen.

Dollhouse — hmmm. I’m actually disappointed that not many people like it. It makes me wonder when people gave up with it. Everyone to their own I suppose, but I’m at pains to say that I believe it is getting better with every episode. This could quite possibly be because all the actors swear that FOX stopped interfering as much around episode five and finally let Joss take the reigns. I am glad of this. Because only Joss can make his shows truly marvelous.

jPod. This is a new one. I started watching the TV episodes the other month and when I watched the first episode the first time round, I will admit that I didn’t like it. I thought it was trying too hard to be quirky and ironic and it really wasn’t working. I got to about 10 minutes from the end of the episode, and I can’t remember what it was but something really made me laugh. I went back and rewatched the episode and suddenly it was 10 times funnier. I don’t know what happened, maybe the humour just suddenly clicked. I haven’t watched all the episodes (you can’t get hold of them in order for love of money) but I finished the book only an hour ago, and I will have to admit that Douglas Coupland is a brilliant writer. A tad egotistical, first writer that I’ve ever read to include themself in their own book, but clever, and damn witty. His writing appeals to my warped sense of humour where random crap heaped together into a sentence or paragraph becomes legitimate and funny.

I think that’s all for now, as this is quite possibly my longest blog post ever. And I just saw my Mum walk past into the kitchen from where aromas of roast chicken and bacon are wafting. In other words, dinner is soon, and, well, food!




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