Geographers Waiting at the Doors of Hell

8 11 2008

For me. When I hand in an essay that is below the 2000 word count.

Usually, I could whip up something containing 2000 words in an hour or so, if it’s about something which I understand and, more importantly, enjoy or like.

“Evaluate the militations of the Milankovitch theory of climate change to the understanding of Quarternary climate changes” is something that I don’t like or enjoy, and sometimes really don’t understand. I reckon I’ve been taking a stab at this essay for a total of about six hours or so, so far, and I’ve come up with 895 words. I’ve run into a dead end, and I have 1000 words to go! Argh!

What’s more, everyone seems to be doing the same essay topic as me, because all of the recommended books from the library have been borrowed by other people!

Basically, what I’ve opted to do is have some lunch, then take my memory stick, a note pad and a pen to the library and sit in there until I get this done. My writing flows better on paper anyway.

If I can get this done today, then that will be a miracle. And I can go to the fireworks display tonight feeling free of burden! At least until the next piece of coursework.

EDIT LMAO, my apologies, I meant “limitations” of Milankovitch’s theory. I really should learn to proof read my blog posts.




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