27 10 2008

So much for not missing anymore lectures. I have a Geography Skills lecture starting in six minutes but I have several problems, which mainly boil down to the fact that I have a meeting, then a practical straight afterwards which means no lunch, no time to print off coursework which is due in today, and no time in between these things to deal with my stomach, which is detemined to make my life hell by randomly feeling searing pains which result in me running to the bathroom. Not fun. My stomach is also preventing me from eating (so even I wanted to have lunch, I’d really would be better off not eating it). How the hell am I supposed to cope through a potential four hour practical this afternoon? ARGH!

And I’ve run out of paracetamol.


So, sod Geography Skills this week, sod my attendence, I have more important things to be dealing with.




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