Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming…

22 10 2008

That’s what we do, we swim, swim.

Today, I originally intended to start an essay which is due in a good 20 days, early start I thought. Nope. After feeling pretty up, down, up, down, down… for the past few days, I decided Wednesday afternoon would be a chance to spend time on one of my hobbies; icon making.

I posted some of the pictures I was using up on my livejournal, because I thought they were gorgeous, then managed to post a new batch of icons as well. The batch was pretty much all Battlestar Galactica centric, but what does that matter if I’m happy with them?

The pictures are here, and the icons are here, if any lurkers fancy taking a look.

One of my friends has been searching for a job since before the summer holidays and, after an interview today, he finally managed to get one! Congratulations to him.

The list of guests for Chevron Seven (a Stargate convention being held next February) is slowly getting longer. At the moment, I’m going to get to meet:
– Joe Flanigan (Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Stargate Atlantis)
– Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex, Stargate Atlantis)
– Alexis Cruz (Skaara, Stargate & Stargate SG-1)
– Colin Cunningham (Major Paul Davis, Stargate SG-1)
Can I say, yay?! All guys, not that I’m complaining, and it’s going to be great to meet them all. =]

I think pretty much all of my flatmates are going out later, so that means I can potter about and do whatever the heck I want this evening without being distracted at all. Also, if I get to bed early enough, I should be able to sleep through without them waking me up when they get back *big grin*.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get something to eat.

And remember, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…




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