The Smallest Violin Playing The Saddest Song…

19 10 2008

Deary me.

This blog has become a place for my general depression and rants. So you know what? Let’s all sit here and giggle for a while, huh?

Who’s with me?



Fell. Flat. On. It’s. Gluteus. Maximus.

Anyway; I’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend. I have got out of bed after noon both Saturday and Sunday and I’ve done practically nothing all weekend. I finally finished my field work write up (after much procrastinating) and I’ve caught up on Stargate Atlantis and my Saturday night TV. Oh yeah! Also, had a lot of social time chatting to two of the girls in my flat, and we’ve booked to go to a gig in Manchester in December (yay!).

Content (Y)

Depressed/Homesick (N)


PS: Please, all, go check out Spambait, Joe Mallozzi’s archive of snarkiness. He personifies the word awesome, and now he’s 21 again, I think he deserves some due attention.




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