Honey, I’m Home

3 10 2008

Well, not home exactly, back in my flat. I’ve been out all day pretty much (since half 9 this morning) so it’s quite nice to be able to just sit here and fill anyone who bothers to read this blog (other than my Mum) in on the daily events.

Went to the Carleton in Morcambe last night; as one of our college reps put it, it’s kind of like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I probably won’t go back there, but I won’t deny that I had a better time than I did on Monday.

Today I’ve had two talks, both of which lasted close enough to three hours. First talk of the day was Geography orientation at 9:30, which wasn’t a good time for me considering I went to sleep at 3:00 this morning. One of the lecturers made us all laugh, then we were sent on a trail around campus to fill in a Geography quiz.

I was starving by the time I got out, so I grabbed some lunch from Greggs then headed up campus to the fresher’s fair, which is where you could go to find out about the socities at Lancaster University. I’d registered interest in the radio the other day, so I didn’t feel it was necessary to do it again. I then picked up a flyer for the Ballroom Dancing society, Lancaster University Role Playing Society (they had a Stargate SG1 box on the desk, I couldn’t resist!) and a leaflet for what’s going to be on at the cinema this term. Oh, and the people at the Bella Italia desk gave me a helium balloon XD

I popped back to the flat to drop my stuff off then headed back out again to the Environmental Science talk, which was as fun, if not more fun than the Geography talk. They had the upper hand in that they were giving people free food and drink, and didn’t make people go outside in the cold to fill in the quiz. Whilst I was there I also talked to one of the people in charge of part one of my course about being a Student Rep for Earth Science, which sounded good. I was the first person to volunteer, so unless someone else volunteers, I should have the job (that’s not the right word, but, yeah, anyway…). Before you ask, the Student Rep for a subject sit in on meetings with other students and staff and voice issues which other students have told them about or brought up with them. If I’m not going to get involved in stuff now, then I never will, will I?

I think that’s everything. The plans for this evening are to have a quiet evening – I’m not all too fond of the ringing sound in my ears which occurs after being in a club for a few hours. There’s live music on at the bar, and the girls at the Role Play Group said they’d be there this evening for a chat, so I might go down there. Alternatively, I just sit on my arse, in my bedroom, watching Stargate or maybe 27 Dresses? Hmm…




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