Oh, What A Wonderful Life For Me!

1 10 2008

Nothing that much happened yesterday to be perfectly honest. I sat around in my flat surfing the internet, and time flew by for once.

They finally turned the heating on! Huzzah! So now my room is toasty warm and I don’t have to have a blanket on my bed at night. I snuggled up in bed last night with my laptop again and rewatched the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries. I never get bored of it, although, I can’t wait to actually see more!

This morning, I met my personal tutor who is really nice, albeit a little shy. And we all had a free lunch (yay!). I also now know where I can find my post when I get sent some so I can give my address to people now =]

I’ve got enrollment this afternoon; I’ve already picked which modules I’m taking, I just had to turn up, double check everything, and I think maybe I get my timetable this afternoon? I’m not sure.

Oh, one last thing, one of the girls is moving out of our flat into a cheaper room and we’re getting a guy! I would say poor boy, sharing with a group of girls, but he’d probably disagree. Heh.




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