Fluorescent Adolescent

30 09 2008

So, yesterday was a lot better in general. We had our “Meet Your Major Department” talk, where they explained about what modules you could take, and how to sort out which ones you are taking. We were split up into groups, me with the “Year Abroad” group. All of the people in the group were really nice, and chatty. The guy I was sitting next to has actually been to somewhere near where I live! Because we sorted out our modules there and then, hopefully the process of actually enrolling on our courses will go a lot quicker now.

Last night was the first night I went out on the town, so to speak. The JCRs (Junior College Reps) had organised a Glow Stick Rave in town, which was awesome. We all got taken to town earlier in the day by our kitchen reps so we could get stuff for the party, and all turned up at the party wearing something neon – I painted my nails orange. Our kitchen reps were… well, they’ve scarred me for life (they’re both male by the way). They were both wearing girl’s tops, neon fish nets and neon girls hot short shorts.

Becky and I left the party at about quarter past midnight because:
– We both were tired
– We both were developing headaches
– We were both bored after three hours of dancing

So, we ventured off the the bus stop and found there wasn’t going to be a bus till ten to one. We stood there for five minutes, then a couple from the college came up looking for which bus to get, found out the length of time they’d have to wait, and offered to share a taxi with us, which we did. They were really nice and had both been with Furness college at some point.

Well, that’s all for now. Here’s to hoping it gets better and better from here on out.




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