Not off to the best of starts…

29 09 2008

As my friends on LiveJournal will already know, last night didn’t go too well. Rebecca and I came back to the apartment early again. We talked about Stargate for ages then went our separate ways. I watched Strictly Come Dancing and Mock the Week then snuggled up in bed, ready to go to sleep.

Almost as soon as I pulled my duvet up over me, loud singing begun somewhere outside the building; the Furness and Fylde colleges, already prejudiced against each other, were throwing abuse and chanting songs at each other. I tried to drown them out with my MP3 player to no real avail. About maybe fifteen minutes later, the rest of our flatmates piled into the flat, giggling and talking, with intention of just letting a few extra people in (that, and all that followed, I did not know at the time). One of those extra people unlocked the door so that other people could get in, and soon a good majority of the building were standing in the hallway outside my bedroom, talking loudly and laughing. Needless to say, I wasn’t very pleased. I turned the music up louder and hid under my quilt; that didn’t work either. Neither did willing them to go away. I sat up in bed and promptly burst into hysterical tears. I started shaking and couldn’t stop. I wanted to tell them to be quiet, but I just couldn’t without either blowing up or crying all over them (emotional blackmail was not the way to go). Instead, I turned my laptop back on and swore all over my LiveJournal. Classy, yes? No. But at least it got it off my chest. I sat around for a while until everything went quiet (the porters broke it up) then climbed back into bed and finally went to sleep.

Last night, I honestly felt like giving up on everything, packing up, and going home. I haven’t felt that miserable in years.

Everything has calmed down now, and I did say this morning that they were very loud last night, and they explained the situation properly.

Got my internet up and running, as you can see, but I’m rapidly discovering quite a lot of stuff I’m not going to be able to do while at University and those include uploading pictures to photobucket (no icons for ten weeks), watching television on streaming video (no America TV for ten weeks), and go on MSN (I’ve resorted to Web Messenger, meh). So, that royally sucks. I’m very, very glad I brought all those DVDs now to keep me entertained during the evenings.

I’m honestly trying to think of something more positive to say… I am supposed to be going out this evening. Will have to decide what to wear in between Fresher’s talks.




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