Fresher’s Week Day One

28 09 2008

First off, I know I said I was going to try and post every day, but you have to register with the University before you can have access to the Internet in you room, so that plan was flawed from the start.

Here’s yesterday’s post, today’s post and pictures of teh room to come later (teh spell incorrectly on purpose).

Saturday 27th September

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a successful intergration into University life; you just make the best with what you are given. Then, if you manage that, maybe then you can call it successful.

I was lead to believe two things about my flat at University: One, I would have seven flatmates, making a total of eight of us; and, two, it would be mixed. Obviously, I’m not so bothered about the number of people in the flat, there being only seven of us in total just means one less person you have to try and talk over in order to be heard. As for mixed… that didn’t happen. We’re all girls. I don’t particularly have a problem with that either (hallelujah! the flat’s kitchen will be clean!), but I was kind of hoping there would be a couple of guys in the flat, I think all of us were. Hmm, what can you do huh?

Other than that, everything has been good so far. We were given a free burger each (see? saving money already) and then were invited into the college bar, which, may I say, is A LOT more expensive than I thought it was going to be: £2.45 for a smirnoff ice? You’re pulling my leg aren’t you. In the end, I resorted to just a can of coke because, as the fates would have it, Halifax have screwed up. They didn’t tell me I had a different pin code for my new Debit Card, and therefore I couldn’t draw money out of my bank account last night. I couldn’t transfer money over to my other card either because I can’t get the internet until tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun.

So, one coke (boy, was I drunk!), and it was off back to the flat at 9:00pm. I was shattered, okay? And pennyless. I tried my best to watch some Farscape, failed, then put Stargate: Ark of Truth on for the billionth time; bliss.




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