Are We Nearly There Yet?

12 09 2008

As Freshers’ Week and the moving of myself and my personal belongings to Lancaster looms closer, I can’t help but urge time to move faster. Several of my friends are moving to their respective Universities this weekend and I’m now becoming impatient that I still have two weeks left to go. Why surrender the last two weeks of holiday so readily you ask? Well, when you’ve been off with nothing consistent to do for three months, you begin to get a little bored.

I applied for an unpaid (crazy, huh?) writing job a good month ago and yesterday the woman in charge got back to me. She and at least one other woman own a website called More To Life Than Shoes [dot] com, which is a website about women past and present, famous and not so famous, and their lives. I was asked to write 400 words on someone I admire. I scratched my head for a little while (fear not, I do not have lice) and managed to come up with only one woman at that moment in time who I admired; Samantha Carter from Stargate. I pondered for a couple of seconds whether I could actually write about admiring a fictional character, then decided that she is real in essence; her character is real, and it was her character that I admired, so it was all hunky dory. Now all I have to do is wait, not so patiently, for their reply. I’d love to get the job, as it would mean I would get experience, which if I come out of University and randomly decide I’d prefer to do writing instead of Geology, I can at least say I have done some sort of professional writing.

This weekend I will spending my last weekend with my Dad for a good long while as I will be up in Lancaster throughout the majority of the next year. It remains to be seen whether my younger sister will continue going to my Dad’s house after I’ve left as it appears that I have more of a relationship with my Dad than my sister does.

One of this blog’s main purposes was for me to keep track of my life at University, so I probably won’t post again until I arrive at Lancaster. From then on I will try and post once a day starting during Freshers’ Week (permitted I don’t throw all previous caution and control to the wind and become an alcoholic within my first week).




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23 09 2008

Okay, please explain things to the rough Colonials. Freshers Week? I mean, I could figure it out, but given my warped sense of reality, it might have too much to do with feminine hygiene products. Euw.

And thanks for the kind comment for my brother on Joe’s blog.

28 09 2008

Okay, first off, thank you for commenting on my blog! No one has as of yet, so you get the proud honour of being the first commenter.

Fresher’s Week is basically a week given to students, when they move to University, where that no classes. Freshers (first years) get to move in, settle in, discover the campus and get pissed without having to worry about dragging themselves out of bed the next morning and falling into class.

And it’s absolutely no problem; I really do hope you brother feels well soon and makes a full recovery =] Fingers crossed, eh?

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