Patio; Devourer Of Limbs

10 07 2008

Excuse the colloquial term but… MAN! does my body ACHE. No, seriously.

I spent a good few hours in the garden today and now we have a sparkling clean patio. I say sparkling… that could be a teensy tiny exaggeration of the state of its cleanliness. But it is cleaner now than it was before, and devoid of grass and roots which were trying to claim the patio as it’s new found land.

But, as the price for such a shiny patio, I now have a bruised knee and aching forearms and biceps, courtesy of my spade, brush and pressure washer.

I should be getting money off my Mum to go the cinema next week and see Mamma Mia in return.

Earlier this week I also got a brand spanking new laptop which qualifies as my 18th birthday present off my Mum, Dad and Step dad combined. I’m loving Vista, it’s really kinda pretty, and the actual system was so easy to get set up. I now have everything I need other than Photoshop and Microsoft Works, I have to find time to install those. I also got to name my laptop… I wanted something mysterious, something which could be interpreted as one of many people, so, I went for:

The Doctor

Yes, that is my laptop’s name, and that is how it is going to stay (not just because once you’ve chosen a name, you’re unable to change it).

That is all for now; I have writing to spell check, audio files to listen to, and drugs to take (paracetamol to soothe my aching arms)!




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