The Beginning of a New Age

23 06 2008

You know what they say, always start of a new story with something dramatic. None of that boring descriptive waffle, no one wants to read that. So…

BANG! The ship shook violently from side to side. Rebecca lifted up her head from the console which it had just collided with and surveyed the damage…

Sorry, I think I got my life mixed up with an awesome Sci-Fi movie there. Let’s get back to basics shall we?

My name is Rebecca; my friends call me a myriad of different nicknames but on this blog I think I’ll stick to the birth name? Yes?

I am 17 years old, soon to be 18 — in July, if any of you were wondering, and I am a geek with pride. I don’t care if you don’t understand what I’m going on about when I start talking about the Chap’pai and how Jaffa story lines are the most riveting (*rolls eyes*) story lines on Earth, I’ll just continue on anyway.

Obsession is known to me, and occurs frequently in my life. Currently, my main obsession happens to be Stargate of the SG-1 variety, and one Dr. Daniel Jackson PhD(s), who I love so very dearly, especially when he comes back to Earth after being ascended. Other Gaters out there will understand why.

Second to Stargate is conventions. I have only ever been to one (*is pained by that fact*) but I had the most fabulous time, and can now name drop in conversations; I’ve been in *cough* John Barrowman’s *coughs* arms etc.

Equal to the two obsessions above is the skill of writing. Admittedly, I have yet to write more than one piece of writing that is entirely original; my first attempt was two years ago, and believe me when I say it is a pile of dren — good for a fifteen year old’s work, but looking back, I could have done a lot better. I do, however, have a habit of writing scripts and/or fiction or my favourite television shows usually with a character that displays similarities to a certain person (*large fluorescent arrow descends from the skies and points at me*) inserted into them. They keep me amused, okay? They also allow me to exercise my sarcasm on my characters which I idolise.

So, if you read all that waffle, then I bet you’re now asking, what on Earth is this blog for?

The insignificant details and intricacies of my life that I feel like divulging and the occasional piece of writing which I dare to share.

So keep this channel tuned, hmm?




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